Drone attacks stimulate terror

In 2006, 657 terrorist attacks, including 41 of sectarian nature, took place in Pakistan, leaving 907 people dead and 1,543 others injured according to a Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS) security report.

It said that in 2007, 3,448 people died in 1,503 terrorist attacks and clashes, including suicide attacks, killings, and assassinations while 5,353 were injured. These casualties were 128% and 491% higher as compared with 2006 and 2005, respectively. The report stated that Pakistan faced 60 suicide attacks (mostly targeted at security forces) during 2007, which killed at least 770, besides injuring another 1,574 people. In 2008, the country saw 2,148 terrorist attacks, which caused 2,267 fatalities and 4,558 injuries. HRCP in its annual report indicated that there were at least 67 suicide attacks across Pakistan killing 973 people and injuring 2,318.

The PIPS report says in 2009, 2,586 terrorist, insurgent and sectarian-related incidents were reported that killed 3,021 people and injured 7,334. These casualties were 48% higher as compared to 2008. On the other hand, the rate of suicide attacks surged by one third to 87 bombings that killed 1,300 people and injured 3,600, it has reported. The year 2010 has not ended yet but the terrorist attacks are continuing. So, it is about time the US government took the drone attack issue seriously and put an end to such attacks, once and for all.

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