The Western Shoshone Mother’s Day Walk-Run: May 7-13th

Please join the walk/run:

From the Facebook Group:

The Shoshone walk/run is a cultural event that takes place around the Nevada National Security Site , which use to be named the Nevada Test Site and also where the Nellis Air Force Base sits as well, but the land it sits on is the land of the Western Shoshone Nation. The Main purpose of the walk/run is to plant willows with our thoughts and prayers that goes in the hole thats made by the people with a pinch of tobacco offering, willows are spread out 3 or 4 miles apart while thats being done runners and walkers get spread out 2 miles apart and start of their walking or running after that 2 miles thats been covered then the supports with vehicles pick them up and go meet up with the people who are doing their prayer with the willow.

Before we all start off the walk/run we get together and set up camp at Warm Springs, NV which is north of Tonopah NV. When we gather as people we make prayer ties which is tobacco in little squares of red cloth with little string for the main staff pole that we carry across the land while we do our walk and run. We also use sagebrush that goes with each runner and walker, the reason why use sagebrush is to keep our strength up when were feeling weak or feeling hot its something thats used for medicine.

As for the camp set up every morning before the sun comes up theres a sunrise ceremony that takes place, in the middle of the ceremony one person covers about 2 or 3 miles with the staff pole after that he or she comes back and we all eat breakfast, when everyone is done eating we start to tear down camp which is the teepee, kitchen tent, and whatever else like tents, bags, chairs, tables, bins with food supplies, and anything else that needs to be put away. After all that has been done we circle up and get information from the main person who leads the walk/run which we’ll talk about how the day is going to be or how the day will turn out then we start dropping of the walkers and runners (Depends on how many walkers and runners there will be) and do the same thing till we get to the Nevada National Security Site.

For the safety of the people is to look out for one another make sure the people drink only Water and/or Gatorade it will be hot to warm weather and another thing is to make sure the vehicles with the signs that say SLOW DOWN RUNNERS AND WALKERS, are readable so local traffic could get ahead’s up on whose on the road during the walk/run

There will be more information for the Western Shoshone Walk/Run in this group such as the actually event that will take place I hope you can join us when that time comes. One more thing not just Shoshones can be there, EVERYONE can participate in the running and walking lets put our thoughts and prayers together as people.

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