Easter Sunday photos

No trespassing

Yet there is some trespassing going on

The flag we might have received back

…but it’s all or nothing

People in civilian clothes across the line are from the Department of Energy.

Johnnie Bobb speaking

Far left corner: detention facility

Just Added: Two (SIMULTANEOUS) Vigils for Peace

Post note: here you see David, who was held in the pen after crossing the line at the NV Test Site on Monday…

All are invited to witness for PEACE and an end to institutional violence in the Nevada Desert.

This special “Easter Desert Witness” comprises two separate groups in separate locations (18 miles apart) working together for environmental justice and an end to terrorism. Please choose which vigil you will attend, and check out NDE’s nonviolent guidelines and the covenant of nonviolence prior to joining either prayer-action.
(that’s here: http://www.nevadadesertexperience.org/programs/nonviolence.htm)

BOTH ARE ON EASTER MONDAY (April 5th) at 6:30 am to reach out to workers entering the two desecrated sites of our lovely desert.

Site One: Creech Air Force Base–The USA’s official desert warfare training ground.
Site Two: Nevada Test Site–America’s premier nuclear weapons proving ground.

Some of us will see you at Creech, others will see you at the NTS!

Day 4 Schedule (Good Friday)

8:30 AM: Walk from Goddess Temple back to Indian Springs, or
9:30 AM: shuttle from Temple

Day of rest (as far as walking goes) or after lunch, make up walking so people are ready to step off together on Saturday morning from Cactus Springs.

Some additional forms of Civil Resistance to the Unmanned Aerial Systems at Creech may follow the 10 am rally and Good Friday Service

In the afternoon, if some walkers utilized the shuttles previously, you can return to your last stopping point and walk some more.

NOTE: Lunch, Discussion Groups, Dinner and Chanting are all at the Indian Springs Community Center.

10 AM: Good Friday, at Creech Air Force Base, Indian Springs including the NO MORE WAR VICTIMS Stations of the Cross Re-enactment

12:30 PM: Lunch and Discussion time at Indian Springs Comm. Cen.

7:00 PM: Kirtan and other devotional chanting led by Priestess and Poet T. Thorn Coyle with drummer and anthropologist Joshua Levin at Indian Springs Comm. Cen.

Day 3: to the Temple of the Goddess Sekhmet, Holy Thursday

Today the Sacred Peace Walk went in better weather to Indian Springs, past the Creech Airforce Base, where several predators were being flown over for practice.

At a well near the Temple of Sekhmet, we celebrated the Footwashing of Holy Thursday.


8:00 AM: Walk from Hwy 156, Mile Post 106 to Indian Springs Motel (14 miles) or to Cactus Springs, Temple of Goddess Spirituality Mile Post 123 (17 miles).


Holy Thursday Foot Washing facilitated by Br. David Buer ofm

(after setting up camp for the night, before dinner and evening program).

7:00 PM: Gather,
7:30: Ritual of Peace, Forgiveness and Healing:
at Cactus Springs, Temple of Goddess Spirituality

Ritual leaders include Sekhmet Temple High Priestess Candace Ross, Poet and Priestess T. Thorn Coyle, Alchemical Fire Mistress Abigail Spinner McBride, and Jewish Wiccan Catholic Worker Jim Haber.