Sacred Peace Walk: 18-24 April: Fried eggs and Nuclear Meltdown


Exciting Additions to NDE Spring Activities

NDE Represented in Delegation to Afghanistan for their New Years (Spring Equinox) “Day of the People’s Peace”; Ways for Non-Travelers to Participate
Help NDE Send Two Shoshone Youth to DC for Alliance for Nuclear Accountability Lobby Days

Peace and Disarmament: Interfaith Perspectives

April 17 Forum at Islamic Society of Nevada Now Leads off NDE’s Sacred Peace Walk (Note that April 26 is the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster.)

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In Loving Memory of Sr. Rosemary Lynch (1917-2011), NDE Elder
Native Outrage at Nuclear Testing by Johnnie Bobb, Chief of the Western Shoshone National Council

The Creech-14 Verdict: Guilty of Protesting US Drones by the Creech-14
60 Years of Disaster: Finger Still on the Button by Jim Haber, NDE Coordinator

When Our Feet Pray: Walking in Memory of MLK by Candace Ross, Sekhmet Temple Priestess

1. NDE Members Visiting Nonviolent Afghan Peace Activists

Jim Haber and Mary Lou Anderson of Las Vegas are privileged to be among the 26 international peace activists meeting with members of Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers (AYPV) and other Afghans for Peace in Kabul, Afghanistan, March 17-24 in support of the “Journey to Smile” campaign. Traveling as “citizen diplomats,” they hope to learn first-hand about Afghan experiences and to support an AYPV project called “I Wish to Live Without Wars,” Trip organizers Voices for Creative Nonviolence led two smaller delegations in December and October of last year.

Please go to their action page to sign the “I Wish to Live Without Wars” petition and read about other ways to show solidarity with their courageous anti-violence/pro-peace work in Afghanistan. Sign up for their Facebook event. “Please join with your heart and spirit “I wish to live without wars,” which asks for your solidarity on the Day of the People’s Peace on March 21, 2011, which is also the Afghan News Year’s Day. We call everyone, anywhere, individually or in groups, to walk, plant trees or light candles in loving support of the mothers, youth and people of Afghanistan, as they walk, plant trees, and light candles to declare the peaceful wish of the People of Afghanistan to live without wars.” (from the Action Page)
Of particular interest should be the Global Day of Listening, a 24 hour call in opportunity whereby people of the world can actually listen to people of Afghanistan and other war torn countries via voice over internet, Skype or international telephone connection. The first one, held in December, was powerful and memorable for listener and presenter alike. People from Afghanistan will be speaking from 8 to 11 pm Pacific Daylight Time on March 19.

Updates from Haber and Anderson will be posted on this NDE webpage which you can also find from the NDE homepage and on Twitter @NVDesertExp.

2. NDE Raising Money to Help 2 Western Shoshone Youth join Anti-Nuclear Lobbying Delegation to DC
Every year the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability holds their “DC Days” lobbying meetings in the Spring. Since the Sacred Peace Walk is also in the Spring, sometimes NDE and the state of Nevada are not represented as the delegations meet with members of Congress as well as some executive branch committees.

This year, we’re excited to help two young members of the Western Shoshone Nation attend. We’re hoping that you will want to help NDE in this effort by contributing specifically to support their travel expenses. Donzie Bobb and Jeremiah Jones are looking forward to meeting other anti-nuclear activists and to see some of what is going on in our nation’s capitol, and to give voice to underrepresented views in the halls of government.

3. April 17 Interfaith Forum and Sacred Peace Walk, April 18 to 25

Peace & Disarmament: Interfaith Perspectives
Date & Time: Sunday, April 17, 3 to 5 pm

Islamic Center of Nevada
4730 East Desert Inn Road, Las Vegas 89121

The community of religions must not be seen as neutral on issues related to war and peace. We are on the side of peace, and we stand against all acts that put the creation of God in danger, especially those acts associated with weapons of mass destruction. To express its unambiguous support for movements of peace and disarmament, the interfaith community of Nevada is hosting this public forum. Come, join in taking a stand for life, love and dignity.

Confirmed Presenters:
(sharing from their lives, as informed by their respective faiths, and perhaps their faith in faith)
Aslam Abdullah, Masjid Imam and Executive Director, Islamic Society of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV
Johnnie Bobb, Chief, Western Shoshone National Council
Candace Ross, Priestess, Temple to Goddess Spirituality, Cactus Springs, NV
Robert “Bob” E. Stoeckig, Pastor, St. Andrew Catholic Community, Boulder City, NV
Mel Hecht, Retired Founding Rabbi, Temple Beth Am, Summerlin, NV

Co-sponsored by Nevada Desert Experience, The Islamic Society of Nevada, Pace e Bene Nonviolence Service, Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada, The Sekhmet Temple. (More sponsors to be added)

For more information, contact:
Nevada Desert Experience

Closing Thought
Please offer up prayers for our 5 dear friends of the Disarm Now Plowshares. They are to be sentenced on March 28 in Tacoma, Washington for their having entered to within one fence of the Trident D-5 missile bunkers at the Bangor-Kitsap Naval Base.

Jim Haber, NDE Coordinator and Desert Voices Editor

Peace Platoon in Las Vegas

This year, Nevada Desert Experience, Pace e Bene Nonviolence Service, the Las Vegas Catholic Worker and the Sekhmet Temple to Goddess Spirituality walked as the “Peace Platoon” in the Las Vegas Martin Luther King, Jr. birthday celebration.

Our handouts, and the excerpts of Dr. King that we played on our sound system brought to light the pacifist King, the man who preached against the triple evils of racism, economic exploitation and militarism. It was a fun, beautiful, uplifting day!

(Photo of Mark and the others: Jim Haber. More photos here)