The Ediger Memorial Interfaith Celebration of Active Nonviolence

The Ediger Memorial Interfaith Celebration of Active Nonviolence was held in Las Vegas on September 23, 2012.

Here is YouTube coverage of the two-day Celebration, made by John Amidon.

The first two clips are from the afternoon plenary session with Kathy Kelly and Vincent Harding in conversation with moderator Jim Haber.

After a good meal and some music, Mary Litell led the group in some exercises used by Capacitar International to help people survive and recover from trauma and extremely violent situations.

Then Rae Abileah shared some of her experiences and reflections on nonviolent activism.

Ahmed Younis offered some observations of society and the Islamic worldview based on the day’s conversations.

The next day, a group held a Tashlich ritual, traditional for Jews during the days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

This service had spiritual and political significance as it was held in the Palazzo, a casino owned by Sheldon Adelson. The liturgy was created by members of Jewish Voice for Peace and included asking for repentance for the continuing occupation of Palestinian territories and for the ongoing oppression of Palestinians in Israel as second class citizens.

The ritual involves casting coins or small stones or bread crumbs in a moving body of water. The Palazzo has a waterfall, so it seemed just too perfect!

Here are photos taken by Jim Haber of the NDE during the conference.

Video 1 of the List of video’s: