MaryAnne Coyle ¡Presente!

This morning MaryAnne Coyle passed away peacefully after suffering a stroke a few days ago. We send her Peace and Love on her passage, and her memory will be with those whose lives she touched.

MaryAnne came to the Nevada Desert Experience in 2010. She was dedicated to the people staying at the house, while she worked hard to make peace happen with her love and energy for a Nuclear-free world, free of warfare, defending the environment, the Earth with her whole life. She was also dedicated to establishing real solidarity and she stood up for (other) people who were downtrodden. She questioned many things and this gave her a critical and humanistic insight into what was happening around her and in the world.

We remember MaryAnne with loving thoughts.

Kites for MaryAnne, by a friend of MaryAnne in Buffalo, NY

Fried Eggs and Nuclear Meltdowns, a fun and to-the-point advertorial she and John Amidon made in 2011 for the SPW


Sacred Peace Walk: 28 March – 3 April, 2015

Dear Friend,

Immediately below are the links to the Nevada Desert Experience Sacred Peace Walk schedule and registration. For years I have been inviting you to this transformative spiritual journey which brings together both the inner journey and outer manifestations of compassionate change, a process of love and affirmation that works so beautifully that many of us return year after year. We affirm civil resistance at Creech AFB and the Nevada National Site, (formerly the Nevada Test Site.

Everything is here to register, quickly and easily. Please do! This walk is for all who wish to experience an integrated spiritual experience and who are willing to look into the soul’s mirror under the clear desert sky. This is a walk into the wild and beautiful Mojave. We will meet demons and goddesses and flying robotic killing machines. At the end of the walk we will confront one of humanities gravest mistakes, nuclear weapons. With our gentle and tender love we continue the process of at-one-ment. Please join us and know the joy and hope, the friendship and community which grows so bountifully with each step taken.
Sacred Peace Walk Schedule

Registration Information for the 2015 Sacred Peace Walk with Nevada Desert Experience

Las Vegas to the Nevada National Security Site 28 March – 3 April, 2015

John Amidon
PS This year we will be joined by members of the 2015 NPT Peace Walk For A Nuclear Free Future For Peace and the Planet, From San Francisco to the United Nations, NYC. How wonderful! Please share this message too!

Ann Wright at Shut Down Creech